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Starting Your Journey

An initial evaluation at Cultivate Pelvic Health and Physical Therapy is 90 minutes long, so that we can truly understand the unique nature of your story, any symptoms, and your goals.  You will meet with Dr. Danielle one-on-one to review intake paperwork, discuss your symptoms, complete a physical exam to your comfort level, and design your treatment plan.  You will leave your initial evaluation knowing exactly what to expect on your pelvic health journey!

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Physical Examination

A comprehensive assessment of pelvic function includes full-body movement and strength testing, functional testing, and examination of the pelvic floor muscles.  At Cultivate Pelvic Health and Physical Therapy, I take a full-body approach as pelvic function is widely influenced across body areas.  The gold-standard assessment of pelvic floor muscle function includes internal (through a canal) examination of pelvic floor muscle strength, length, and coordination.  However, this type of examination is never a requirement and the pelvic floor muscles can also be screened externally through clothing.   Before we start any examination, you will know all of your options in detail so that you are confident in your choice.  All examination components are completed with a therapeutic mindset, including a comfortable pace, step-by-step explanation, ongoing consent, and a communication plan.

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