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Assessing Pelvic Function

A comprehensive assessment of pelvic function includes full-body movement and strength testing, functional testing, and examination of the pelvic floor muscles.  The gold-standard assessment of pelvic floor muscle function includes internal (through a canal) examination of pelvic floor muscle strength, length, and coordination.  However, this type of examination is never a requirement.   Your pelvic physical therapist will describe all options in detail so that you are confident in your choice.  All examination components are completed with a therapeutic mindset, including a comfortable pace, step-by-step explanation, consent, and communication.

Your Care Plan

Treatment options that can be explored with your physical therapist are based on the findings from a comprehensive history and physical exam, and consideration of your preferences!  You will not find a "cookie cutter" approach at Cultivate Pelvic Health and Physical Therapy.  Your program will be designed to meet specific goals that we set together at the start of your plan, and is aimed to address the "why" behind your symptoms.  Pelvic physical therapy is way more than Kegels!


Frequently integrated therapies

  • Manual therapy to pelvic floor muscles and surrounding areas for tissue mobility, relaxation, and improved awareness

  • Myofascial mobilization of the visceral (organ) fascia to decrease pain and sensitivity, improve blood flow and tissue mobility

  • Pelvic floor muscle range of motion, coordination, and strengthening exercises

  • Strengthening and mobility exercises where needed outside of the pelvis

  • Dry needling where needed outside of the pelvis to decrease pain and improve muscle function

  • Functional movement training to improve management of pressure within the trunk/pelvis

  • Education on lifestyle modifications to improve bowel and bladder health

  • Education on proactive and responsive strategies to prevent and manage symptom flare ups with confidence

  • Education on use of trainers and tools to help you decrease pain and pelvic floor muscle tension at home

  • Tailored home program including exercise and health promotion

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